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Perhaps the most besetting difficulties for this temperament mixture are the natural inclination to peace and quiet (tempting one to laziness), a preference to live within the moment (superficiality), and a tendency to make decisions based first on the desire to please someone else or to restore harmony.

In a relationship, the phlegmatic-sanguine is true-blue.

Secretive and mysterious, the Sanguine person will be captivated by emotional openness of their Phlegmatic sweetheart.

This couple may have differences because of the Sanguine’s desperate need for independence.

Phlegmatic-sanguines tend to prefer movies, concerts, or other forms of relaxation that are a bit more spectator-oriented.

When they attend parties, they tend to prefer smaller groups, rather than the large social gatherings a pure sanguine enjoys.

As a result, the Phlegmatic will feel lonely and abandoned, and the Sanguine will feel smothered by the constant throw of emotions.

They are both optimists, and they are also flexible and open-minded.

Unpredictable Sanguines will be thrilled by the trust and patience of their Phlegmatic partner.

As an employee, you are compliant, dutiful, orderly, and subdued (and probably were as a child too).

Others may not realize that you have a sanguine side -- at first.

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