Request letter updating records example

I am absolutely certain that the item I disputed is incorrect and should be removed, so I am hereby exercising my rights under FCRA 611 (a) (7) to request a complete description of all methods used to investigate my aforementioned dispute.I am very interested to learn how your investigator(s) arrived at this erroneous conclusion.

You want the reader to know that you are fully aware of your rights under FCRA.Communicate that are not someone who is going to go quietly into the night.Remember that you are simply exercising your rights to obtain a description of their investigation of your dispute, so include any details that you think may be relevant to your case.I would therefore request that you please do not send me a template letter in response to this request.I am in the process of planning a legal case, so I need specific answers to the specific questions asked of you in this letter.

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All previous letters and documents that I sent to you previously are once again attached along with this correspondence in order to help you process this request.

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