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Melvoin was even engaged to Prince and the song “Nothing Compares 2 U” was written about her, notes The Guardian.

Bramhall and Melvoin were married from April 1997 to April 2010.

However, Zellweger doesn’t have time for haters right now.

He’s performed with Eric Clapton, Roger Waters, Sheryl Crow and many others. He was previously married to Prince collaborator Susannah Melvoin, from 1997 to 2010 and the two are parents to two daughters.“We started up a new relationship,” Bramhall told Texas Monthly at the time. Charlie and I have the sort of chemistry that we had back then, but we have this real strong brotherly bond now. ‘ and I’d have to tell him, ‘Well, no, that’s not actually how it goes.’ I felt a little weird about that.We are really good friends.”In a 1996 interview with the Austin Chronicle, the guitarist said that he didn’t recognize the man who became addicted to heroin any longer. But you know, it’s great that Eric Clapton likes my guitar playing.Zellweger fought against the request, saying that her personal and professional lives should be separate. The Grammy-winning album included two songs Bramhall wrote for his 1999 Jellycream solo album.However, seh was eventually called to testify and told the judge handling the case about gifts she bought her boyfriend. I was told I did that.’ It’s far enough away I can sort of be in the third person about it and have a different perspective about it, and see that the changes I’ve made are tremendous in a way.” In 2000, Eric Clapton recorded Riding With The King with B. Bromhall told The Austin Chronicle in 2001 that Clapton called him to tell him, “Along with D’Angelo, I think you’re the best contemporary artist I’ve heard in a decade.” Clapton told him that he’d been listening to Jellycream repeatedly and wanted to record “Marry You” and “I Wanna Be.” Bramhall played on the Clapton/King versions.

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In 2014, when Bramhall and Zellweger made their debut together, Radar Online found court documents, in which Bramhall was ordered by the court to pay Melvoin $4,332 a month in child support and $6,378 in spousal support.

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