Realitive and absolute dating

Accordingly, people are poor because they are deprived of the opportunities, comforts and self-respect regarded as normal in the community to which they belong.Peter Townsend (1979) has argued that those who have ‘resources so seriously below those commanded by the average individual or family that they are, in effect, excluded from ordinary living patterns, customs and activ­ities’ are relatively poor.Then, there is a question—what is the standard poverty line below which absolute poverty exists?

This is why absolute poverty is also known as ‘subsistence poverty.Poverty: Difference between Absolute Poverty and Relative Poverty! It is a very complex question because different scholars (sociologists, economists and even political scientists) have defined it in their own way.The question becomes all the more complicated when this phenomenon is linked with the price level which is ever changing.He decided his ‘poverty line’ on the basis of nutrition a person gets from his/her diet.Families whose income fell below this poverty line were in absolute poverty.

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