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You’re just starting the journey toward being ready for love, and there are still some steps that need to be taken before you’re 100% there.

It’s evident that the thought of committing to someone makes you uneasy, and having to fully trust someone with your heart is a risk you don’t want to take.

If you do decide to work toward a real transformation, the key is to totally put yourself out there, no holds barred.

It’s time to make a real commitment to yourself that you’re ready to make a real commitment to someone else in the future.

In fact, being able to find common ground is yet another important piece when building a true connection.

Going forward, it’s important to keep creating opportunities that align with your desire to find love.

If you find most of your conversations revolve around your breakup, your ex or how much you miss being in a relationship, then you are not ready to date.

It’s time to face your fears and find the true love that you want in your life.

So with this in mind, don’t be afraid to go after it and enjoy the true love that you deserve.

You’re ready for love, but there are some concerns that are holding you back from being completely open.

How much time do you need to heal after a breakup or divorce before you start dating again?

Everybody is different and no one answer will be right for everyone.

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  1. John was laying out on the sand as his children made sandcastles a few feet away when it occurred to him that he couldn’t go back to the hotel to read a book or go off to the poolside bar for a drink — he had to stay present with his children because he didn’t have a partner there to tag in and take over.