Radiometric dating of the siloam tunnel jerusalem

Just a little background to what you are talking about.

My Grandfather was a Lieutenant General [or Lieutenant Colonel -the title rank is not certain] in the Australian Army in the First World War. I spent a lot of time with my Grandmother when I was young. One time I asked why did he take photographs of these wells for?

This was the will of God and Moses fulfilled the will of God.

Conquering the Holy Land and placing it in the possession of Israel is fulfilling the will of God.

Radiometric tests conducted on the tunnel by researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Israel Geological Survey and Reading University in England will be published Thursday in the scientific journal Nature.

The structure, first discovered by Reich and Shukron (2004), encompasses the cave in which the spring sprouts from, with walls 7 m thick built of large boulders.

The Siloam Tunnel, a half-kilometer shaft that runs under the walls of Jerusalem to the Gihon springs in the City of David, is one of the capital's major archeological tourist attractions.

Its construction has long been credited to Hezekiah, due to a passage in II Kings () that describes how he ? also stopped the upper watercourse of Gihon and brought it straight down to the west side of the city of David.? There have been theories put forth that the tunnel dates back only to the Hellenistic period, about 200 BCE,? Amos Frumkin of the Hebrew University Geography Department. However, the carbon-14 tests we carried out on organic material within the plaster of the Siloam Tunnel, and uranium-thorium dating of stalactites found in the tunnel, date it conclusively to Hezekiah's era, around five centuries earlier.?

In order to provide an absolute dating for the structure, two sections were sampled for radiocarbon (.

Water to Jerusalem: the route and date of the upper and lower level aqueducts.

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The moment was felt to have great spiritual and historical significance by all the Jews who saw it.

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