Rabbit speed dating

This service is offered as part of any adoption involving bonding to your existing rabbits. If you’re bonding your rabbits yourself and just need a little reassurance and a confidence boost, bring them along where one of our experts can watch them interact together and discuss any doubts or concerns you may have with you.We find that often people are already on the right track, and are making good progress with their bonding activity. We will offer advice to leave you with the confidence to continue and complete the bonding process successfully.When bonding goes wrong it is usually down to one of two factors: Some rescues offer “bunny speed dating”.This is when your rabbit is put in a pen with another rabbit.We also provide post-session support via telephone, email or Facebook Messenger: share your progress and videos with us for follow-up advice on next steps.And we just love to see the end result – so share your bonded bunny pictures with us once the drama is all over, and the rabbits are bosom buddies.We recommend considering the factors that may have caused this before proceeding with “Re-Bonding”.These may include a change in environment, health problems with one or more of the group, or other stress conditions.

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Of course, some rabbits will naturally hit it off better than others.

Choosing the opposite sex for bonding is advised as male-female bonds are a lot easier than same-sex bonds.

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