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For this reason, we recommend that each customer make an extensive test ride with their own motorcycle prior to purchase; in some cases, there may be motorcycle / helmet combinations that do not match each other.Also, the sound sensation of each individual is, of course, very individual. The matt surface is, in fact, more sensitive than a glossy one.However, it is also possible to convert the models GT-Air (I II) and Neotec (I II) to a double D-lock for 80,- Euro.For this please return the helmet together with the proof of purchase to your local SHOEI dealer, who will then send it to us with the return form (RMA) for conversion.The production date of a SHOEI visor is located on the left side of the visor with four digits (month, year).

Is it possible to buy Shoei products directly via this site? A trained dealer will ensure that the correct size is selected, making adequate allowance for "bedding down".

Where can I find the production date Did the fitting change at SHOEI helmets? This is a very important requirement, the need for personal attention renders safety helmets unsuitable for sale via the Internet. The exact date of manufacturing can be found inside the helmet under the centerpad.

How can I convert from the ratchet lock to Double-D? It can be read as follows: Year XX - month XX - day XX. Yes, over time the fit of our helmets has changed slightly.

The outer shell (fiberglass) is relatively resistant against aging.

However, the material of the inner shell (EPS), which is substantially involved in the safety (shock absorption), hardens with time.

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The removed old chinstrap will remain with SHOEI and will be destroyed for safety reasons. For disturbing wind or whistling sounds the helmet is not always decisive.

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