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Normally the only field to rely on for this is the Primary Key field (in my example the primary key field is called Staff ID).The textbox uses this expression to count the number of records and displays the result.DCount is one of Access' collection of Domain Aggregate functions (others include DSum, DMax, DMin, DLookup etc.) that are used to extract summary information from a recordset.They all work more-or-less the same way and take two or three arguments, for example: =DCount (Expression, Domain, [Criteria]) The Expression is usually the name of the field whose entries you are interested in.

This example counts the number of values in the Staff ID field of the tbl Staff table using the expression: =DCount("[Staff ID]", "tbl Staff") The textbox control then displays the result of the DCount function: If you have provided combo boxes so that your user can filter the displayed recordset, you can use their values to supply criteria for the DCount function.

In this example the Control Source of the textbox uses the values in two combo boxes (named cbo Office and cbo Department) included in the expression: =DCount("[Staff ID]","tbl Staff","[Office]='" & [cbo Office] & "' AND [Department]='" & [cbo Department] & "'") Using DCount this way is easy but it has its disadvantages.

If the number of records in the recordset changes, perhaps because the user adds or deletes records, the value shown in the textbox is not automatically recalculated.

If the user changes the values in the combo boxes so that an incorrect WHERE clause is created (for example, by leaving one of them empty) the DCount function will return zero regardless of the number of records returned.

Like all the Domain Aggregate functions, DCount can be slow.

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