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The energy released by stimulating the crystals is expressed in light (luminescence).

The intensity of blue, green or infrared light that is created when an object is stimulated is proportional to the number of electrons stored in the mineral's structure and, in turn, those light units are converted to dose units.

Actually, the experts keep lowering the date of the Egyptian First Dynasty.Materials of geological origin will have absorbed considerable quantities of radiation since their formation, so any human-caused exposure to heat or light will reset the luminescence clock considerably more recently than that since only the energy stored since the event will be recorded.The way you measure energy stored in an object that you expect has been exposed to heat or light in the past is to stimulate that object again and measure the amount of energy released.26."Mutual friends secured for me a most favorable introduction to Dr.Froelich Rainey, Director of the Museum of the University of Pennsylvania. Rainey is a vigorous, enthusiastic, obviously very well-informed, courteous gentleman in his late middle years.

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