Prision dating what it means to be dating

Some prisons are a lot more lenient with entertainment than you think.

With some I think it's usually a reward type thing so you have to have good behavior to use the internet.

I may be completely naive, but do people in prison get enough time on the internet to keep up with these? Haha someone enlighten me 🤣🤣I did look up meet an inmate dot com to see if it was legit or just something they said on the show. Just trust that I would never in my life get myself in that situation. But then you google them and their charges are INSANE.

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When a person is remanded in custody it means that they will be detained in a prison until a later date when a trial or sentencing hearing will take place.

The info I got was from my daughter who works in the jail. Inmates don't have internet access, per se, but they often have email access now. I suspect more profiles are generated by friends or family on the outside.

These sites used to accept hand-written letters from inmates and they would scan any enclosed photos.

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