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Love to read, love to dance, love good wine and intelligent conversation and I love serving other people.I am a very passionate person which makes me alot of fun but can also make me a huge pain in the butt at times.She wants to come visit you but needs money for a visa, airline ticket, insurance, travel-pass, medical reports etc.For your meeting with her in her city she might want to arrange everything, asking you to send money so she can have lodging and transportation taken care of before you arrive. She needs money for a webcam to communicate with you in video chat, or a camera to take new photos for you, maybe a laptop so she can write to you at any time etc.Scammer claims to be from the USA, for example, but is in Africa on business, working for UNICEF or any other organization, visiting parents/friends/relatives etc.Letters become more desperate, persistent or direct if you do not send money straightaway.The letter is poorly written, vague or repeats itself.She sends pre-written letters - the same that known scammers have written before.

It's not appropriate at all in any culture to ask a stranger you've never met to help you.

You don't love her and were only playing her and now she is heartbroken and can't trust men again because you are all the same.

pretend to come from: United Sates/Georgia/Chatsworth birth: 1976-07-07 height/weight: 171cm/78kg email: [email protected]: 2007-06-08 Am 5'6ft, average body structure, and easy going in nature, am really just looking for friends first and trust God and nature to do their part from there .

She changes her e-mail address during correspondence. Her profile says she is from the USA, UK or any other country, while in her letter she says she is from Russia, Nigeria etc. Most scammers use photos of professional models/celebrities or photos of beautiful women they have stolen from the Net.

You receive a photo of a potential date and the photo doesn't match up (e.g.

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