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The site seems to overlook the fact that most people are smart enough to use the site within the boundaries of the free features. Yes, I cannot message others without paying, but I can download their chat function and converse with someone for free that way. It’s not meant for hooking up, casual dating or friendships.

Regardless of those basic problems with Zoosk, I just found the caliber of people to not be what I was looking for. You’re meant to find someone who wants to seriously date or get married within the next few years.

Not wanting to come across as a desperate single woman, but really spurred on by the feedback I received from family, friends and followers after writing my post about speed dating about a month ago, I thought I’d take this time to continue on this path and broach the subject of online dating.

I would say that ten years ago when I was still eighteen, that was seen as taboo. We all thought we would have no problem getting dates.

It also still frustrates me to no end when people say they want to meet you (stupid “meet me” function) and don’t bother sending you a message (have the balls to say something) or replying when you take the first step and put yourself out there. My good childhood friend had great luck and found a wonderful man on POF and they’re now engaged to be married this coming summer, so there’s hope! I’ve been on my fair share of dates with people I’ve met on this site and, while I wouldn’t say any have been outright terrible, none have been amazing either.

Just for fun though, I’ll tell you about the first guy I met from this site. We had a good time and great conversation, even mentioning things we might be able to do later in the year when festivals and such rolled around. Quite a bit of time passed by and he saw that I still had a profile on POF, so he messaged me. He told me that he didn’t understand why I was still on the site. They tout themselves as being free, but there are certain aspects that you need to pay to use.

My married friend’s friends are already wed or engaged, so whenever I go to group events or house parties, I’m basically the only single person there. What I disliked most about e Harmony when I signed up for it a few years ago, as well as right now, is that going through the Quick Questions, Makes or Breaks and Dig Deeper steps before you even hit e H Mail – the site’s own e-mail type system – is extremely time-consuming if both parties aren’t quick to respond.

This is why I always ask those I’m interested in if they would consider going the e H Mail route first – skip all the questions and let’s meet as soon as possible – and sometimes it works.

My friend (the one who convinced me to try the site out again this time around) is now seeing where it might go with a guy who opted to do just that.

I always find that, part way through, someone typically disengages and disappears during guided communication (what is wrong with them?

), which can be disheartening because you had hoped to make even the smallest connection and that’s lost before you truly have a chance to get to know them.

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