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When you find yourself searching for love within the Greek community, you will find that dating in Greece is certainly different than anything you have ever experienced in the dating world before.

The people are gorgeous, and although they’re competitive and “spoiled” by their parents, they are some of the most passionate, caring folks you will ever encounter in your life.

), Greece still has plenty of people for you to explore!

Ethnicity Religion While a whopping 98% are Orthodox Christian, the remaining 2% are either Muslim, Catholic, or Jewish for the most part.

Since 1995, millions have used Match and tons of people have shared their success stories!

While dating sites are all fun and easy to use and whatnot, not everyone is able to sit at their computer at home and browse matches all day.

When you think of the country of Greece, your first thoughts are likely either Sparta, the invention of math, the origin of the Olympic games, or some other historical staple that this nation is known for.

Greece isn’t just all about the awesome food and amazing landscape; it is also home to some of the most unique and interesting people in all of Europe!

Who knows– that friendship may sprout into something more!Founded in 1998, Agape Online prides itself in uniting fellow Greeks with one another, or anyone who may be interested in finding someone of Greek origin.This site offers many different utilities and options, while still managing to be easy to understand and navigate.Any and all religions are respected in the country of Greece, no matter what it may be!Other Demographic Info The nation of Greece is unique in many ways, but there aren’t many countries– especially in Europe– that have residents who are so very tight knit with their family!

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