Picasa not updating a folder

If you have both P: and C: drives as “watched folders”, all hell breaks loose: Picasa will start copying the folders to the local computers, in the wrong folders, wrong labels, resulting in total chaos (I’ve been there…).

So once again, we’ll cheat: find a way to refer to the central Picasa Lib under the same drive letter from all computers.

The safest way to avoid confusion and different views of the same photos was to make a policy of only editing images on the “main computer” where they were stored, thus rendering all other networked computers to passive viewers only. one that allows any member of the family (and any user account) using any computer on a network to share the one and only Picasa database – view and edit all the same, with any changes, tagging, editing immediately saved no matter which computer is being used.

Yes, there is one – keep on reading :-) But first some disclaimers: Now, we’re ready to rock and roll …

The wiki How Tech Team also followed the article's instructions, and validated that they work.

My 4-year old how-to guide, Picasa Photo Sync on Multiple Computers has attracted tens of thousands of viewers, and is still quite popular. I can’t believe people actually read it today and try to follow the advice therein… I’ve long struggled trying to find a better solution… Yes, I believe Saa S is the future of computing, and I do keep many photos online (just canceled Flickr Pro in favor of Picasa Web), but quick-and-dirty manipulation of large image files en masse is still easier, faster on a local PC. It’s hard to believe that Google, an undeniably Web-centric company would create an application that’s designed to be used by one single user and one single computer – that’s stone-age vision, and again, is very antagonistic to being a visionary Web company.

but wait, first things first: Picasa is my favorite photo management program, and hey, it’s hard to beat free!

The problem is, the “main” computer will consider Picasa storage as its C: drive, while all others have to refer to it by another drive letter, since C: is reserved for their own hard disk.These are the computers that have no local Picasa information, we just use them to access our main libraries from the “server”.Ideally we would just map the public drive on the server as a network drive under P: but we’ll run into a syntax problem.Well, almost…too bad there are a number of quirks that we have to deal with first. If you have a NAS drive, which is for passive storage only, accessed by several computers on the network, than the above solution will work, since you can map the NAS drive to the same drive letter on all computers. there is no NAS, Picasa resides on one of the actively used computers which all others access, then you run into all sorts of trouble.Here’s why: Picasa stores the result of your “watched folders” configuration in a plain text file named in the Picasa2Albums folder.

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: I have not tested what happens if multiple users try to update the databases at the same time, but I assume it is not a very good idea.

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