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Instagrammable When Matteo celebrated his birthday last March, Da Gianni turned into a party place, where celebrities streamed in to dine, party and to sing.

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He therefore gained control of the Philippine news, if not directly, most definitely through a trusted third party.

Leading up to the final years of the Marcos regime and including his hasty departure, Philippines newspapers began to be more politically autonomous.

Matteo, Sarah and their musician friends jammed until past midnight, giving Matteo a birthday to remember, especially when Sarah unabashedly asked Matteo in the middle of the song—“Talaga? ” What the question meant—and what the answer was or would be—might remain unknown for some time, but then, that night, in March, Da Gianni’s by-now famous truffle pizza tasted so well when combined with—love.

Matteo’s Instagrammable birthday made Da Gianni all the more known, especially when such lifestyle movers and shakers as Virgie Ramos would come all the way to Alabang just to do lunch there, with friends such as director Rowell Santiago, scenographer Gino Gonzales, businesswoman Sandy Tan-Uy. The home in Cebu and Manila built by Matteo’s grandparents, Franca and Gianni, became known for home-cooked Italian specialties.

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