Perils of dating online

In one episode, a woman had been in an online relationship for 10 years without having ever met the gentleman with whom she had been messaging.

Additionally, we may have messaged and even flirted online, possibly going further than initially intentioned.Many of us have had analogous experiences firsthand.We’ve been aware of the ability for online profiles to allow for any number of identities to come forth, real or imagined.As an X who I met online dating stated “You and I are in our mid 30’s and well you and I were married once. Crazy ladies always trying out some insane business idea? And that’s not even touching on my personal favorites!All that you are going to find here are people like us or people who should never be in a relationship.” And as wrong as that sounds, she was right! The delusional ones who post photos from either 20 years ago or 30lbs ago who insist that they are models or were models and the last guy they dated was a major film star.

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