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Then Kate, another guest and a member of the eye-rolling council against Tracy, said, "But c'mon, there have to be some limits." So what are they?

I remember one summer, before our children were born, we shared a beach house with a few other couples.Impossible -- we are a bunch of hopeless romantics. It suddenly came to me: Elisabeth and Jesse are just as rambunctious as Tracy and Jon, but there's a difference: They're not performing for an audience.Their affection seems spontaneous and authentic, while Tracy and Jon's floor show seemed calculated and phony. But why would a couple put on such a graphic show for close friends?An informal survey of my friends has confirmed that there's little or no correlation between excessive PDA and a sweaty sex life.In fact, the opposite appears to be true: Too much PDA is often a sign that something crucial is missing from the relationship.

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