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Though Patton says the two have been together "a month," she's very convinced their relationship is the real deal. The former couple welcomed their son Julian in 2010."When you know, you know," she told the outlet's reporter Tanika Ray, adding, "I love him." More: 'Somewhere Between' star Paula Patton: 'Everything happens for a reason' Patton joked that their love is the stuff of an "old woman's fairy-tale." “If you have a kid and you're at a basketball game, look at the daddies," she advised in the interview, seemingly giving a clue as to how she and her beau met. Since their divorce, Thicke has moved on with model April Love Geary.

Mike's college sweetheart can pretty much do anything, and it's only a matter of time before the whole world falls in love with her, too.They have gone through plenty of ups and downs in the almost six years since, but they've stuck together through it all.Lauren and Mike may have been broken up during the time he was on Lauren runs The Style Bae, a lifestyle blog that shares fashion, beauty, food, and fitness tips.Mike cracked his ribs at the gym in June 2015, and as he and Lauren were driving to the hospital, Lauren "was pleading, 'You know [painkillers] are not good for you — whether they’re doctor prescribed or not.You’ve been down this road before,'" he remembered. He said, "I really had the excuse at the time, you know, that it was under doctor's orders." Mike continued to have struggles, but he was able to recover thanks in part to Lauren's constant support.

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” Despite some startling headlines declaring that "Paula Patton’s new boyfriend is a married man," Quittman told magazine he and his estranged wife "were totally separated before I moved on.” Patton was married to singer Robin Thicke from 2005 to 2015.

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