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In recent years, she’s has returned to acting, focusing more on TV but also open to film roles.

Though Posey had denied being romantically involved with Chris, it didn’t just add up for the fans who kept tagging Queen to the photo which they labeled as “disrespectful.”Surprisingly, Queen reacted in a very mild way, arresting the situation for good.In a series of Twitter posts, the kid’s momma began by explaining that she is not one of those “petty bitter ex-baby momma’s” before adding that in co-parenting she is very comfortable with whoever her ex chooses to be with as long as her son isn’t being maltreated.Read Also: Rebecca Romijn Husband, Age, Height, Net Worth and Family Life Addressing Posey’s choice of clothing for the photo, Queen defended the former child actress saying that she had just Facetimed her son CJ right before the photo was posted and had already seen Posey in the lingerie which she was wearing not just for fun but because she was in the middle of shooting a music video with Chris. Before rumors of Posey being in a relationship with Sails, she was dating Compton rapper, Problem.We did the math, and it appears they began dating in 2014.Well, from the look of things, it appears she is now dating Chris Sails…

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