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In addition to the items present in a married couple's agreement, points to consider include: Although this case is special, unmarried parents who decide to split should also have a firm agreement about the children before doing so.In fact, it is important to draft such an agreement before children even enter the picture.For best results, all parties included in the contract (parents, god-parents, grandparents, etc.) must sit down together and work out the details in a cooperative manner.If you believe your children will benefit from such an agreement, browse the options below to find the best elements for your family.The key to setting boundaries is to involve your entire family in the process, getting everyone on the same page. I call that page, “The Family Contract.” Here’s how you can make Family Contracts work for you…If you and your (ex) partner want to raise your children collectively and cooperatively, co-parenting agreements can help improve your focus.Binge drinking, date violence, and even date rape are far too common.

An agreement between parents or custodians about how to raise their kids is a serious matter.If the break-up is especially bitter or suffused with anger, a previously-established, legally-binding agreement helps to lighten the already hefty load suddenly placed upon the shoulders of both parents.Having everything about the kids in writing means one less thing for you and your ex to battle over.Some situations that commonly rely on agreements of this type include divorced families, parents who were never married and don't live together, separated parents, parents in crisis (emotional, mental, physical, etc.) and teenage parents.Although somewhat rare, family advocates, counselors and social workers often recommend some form of cooperative parenting statement for intact families due to the success of these agreements when used in special circumstances.

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In general, co-parenting agreements between unmarried parents bear a strong resemblance to more traditional contracts, but you or your ex may want to include the following items or addendums: Even if you and your co-parent have documented a comprehensive, all-inclusive agreement, the document has no purpose if both parents do not make a concerted effort to follow it.

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