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Farhad, 41-years-old, freelance artist, provides a more ‘rounded’ look of Pakistani women on Tinder. “One is the older post-30s lot, often divorcees, who are more forthright about what they are seeking — mostly love and companionship — and then there are the younger university-type students who seem more coy or unsure.

Interestingly, most of the women whose profiles I’ve come across are not the ‘burger’ types,” he says referring to slang for upper-class English-speaking people.

“We tell the world we were set up on our first date by mutual friends.”Like a lot of younger Pakistanis, she was introduced to the dating application while studying in college in the United States.

“When I started, it was more for entertainment, to see what’s out there,” she relates. Over there, Tinder means something completely different.” Mehreen adds that abroad it is seen more as a means for a casual ‘hook up’ than a modern hip mobile-friendly version of Mehreen’s intentions may have been ‘honourable’ — as a college-educated, free-thinking woman, she wanted to close this ‘final’ chapter and meet someone on her own terms to spend her life with — but in Pakistan, there are hardly spaces (outside of co-educational institutions and the workplace) for young single individuals to mingle and meet new people and get to know one another.

Another interesting aspect of using Tinder in Lahore was that you end up seeing a lot of profiles from across the border — the app brings you matches based on geographical proximity.

For those that want to go beyond their immediate social circle and cast a wider net, so to speak, there are hardly any spaces that allow that.

Being more independent-minded, and aware of what they want and the world around them, they do not want to go down the arranged marriage route.

And then Tinder in Pakistan also has its own seasons.

Winter, especially around Christmas break, is when expats and Pakistani students in foreign universities return to the motherland to spend time with family, attend weddings, bring their friends to show the country off etc.

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