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The bonds we form are precious and must always be protected.For it is from those bonds that we find our meaning in life.That's got to count for something.' She then takes one look back and sees what he did again. 'From the way things look here, I'd say you may very well win the bet.

Naruto returns to Leaf Village after a six year absence to stay with his cousin Ino and her parents for the rest of his school life.

It's just a disclaimer A/N: For the time being, I'll only be focusing on writing Precious Bonds and Spiral Traversed in order to finish them by the end of the month.

Once both are done, I'll release Our Secret pt.3: Miracle.

She turned and saw Shizune place Naruto on one of the beds and asked "What happened?

" Shizune finishes making sure he's comfortable before walking over to her and says "He used up to much chakra and is sleeping it off.

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