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Whether it is your next trip to see each other or a completely new holiday, planning this type of trip together is a great way to feel close to your partner online.Chelsea and I always try to research the local area, and what we want to do online before our trips.It brings us a sense of excitement, looking forward to the time we will be able to be together in person and thinking about all the amazing things we will be doing.This makes a great date activity, or you can just send your partner ideas as they come to you, and slowly build your plan.When they do, you will have an unforgettable online date, seeing what your partner thoughtfully packed for you.The idea has been around for a while now, but it can take many different forms.There are a huge variety of online games you can play with your long distance partner, from the co-op to the competitive, the casual to the hardcore.For something fun and light hearted, take a look at Cube Slam, an online pong like game where your objective is to knock out your opponents webcam sections, one by one.

You can become tourists in your own homes as you explore a new part of the world together.

If you would rather some co-operative play, check out Portal, a tricky puzzle platformer that will have you working together to complete puzzles. Having shared boards can be a really fun way to work with your partner.

Of course there are plenty more games to play online, its just a case of finding the right one for you. Pinterest is a great tool for creating shared collaborations with your partner. You can make a date of it, discussing your ideas, or add pins separately and see what comes of it.

In any long distance relationship, you will spend more time apart from your partner, than together in person.

It means not only do you often feel lonely, but are not able to do simple things together as a close proximity couple can.

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