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When someone thinks they are the victim of, or targeted by, an online dating scam, they might hire a private detective to conduct an internet dating investigation.The investigator will use a variety of methods to check into the veracity of the profile or the identity of the potential scammer.These scams can take place on dating websites, but can also occur over e-mail or social media.The most common types of scams include an effort to steal money from a victim through requests for help, to launder money by sending stolen items and making it harder for law enforcement to trace them and doxing (publishing private information and holding it for ransom), as well as attempts to commit physical crimes like sexual assault.We function differently to other dating sites, in that rather than present members with a range of singles with any background or intentions, we have built a community of educated, aspirational singles looking for committed relationships.Our membership is comprised of singles engaged in a huge range of professions, including policing!

The end goal is to verify that the person on the other side of the screen is who they say they are, and has no ill intent towards the user.

I am glad there is a site like this that can assist individuals like me desperately needing information. Without your support my mother would still be sending money to the man she thought was a military soldier but in actual fact was nothing than a low down dirty scammer.

Thank you for saving my Mother – and my inheritance!

Online Dating Background Check: With so many people continually using the Internet to connect with people, the risk for fraudulent activity and scams is greater than ever.

Though the majority of online daters have good intentions, some may not.

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