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Daily Caller reports, “As Brown’s time as speaker drew to a close in 1994, he named Harris to the California Medical Assistance Commission, a job that came with a ,000 annual salary.Brown had previously appointed her to the state Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board.” She “was described by several people at the Capitol as Brown’s girlfriend,” the reported at the time.Harris got her start in 1994 by having an affair with slimy Willie Brown, who was serving as the California Assembly Speaker and then became the mayor of San Fransico.Brown was 60 years old and Harris was 29 when their affair began.Although that job paid nearly ,000, Harris’ term was set to expire in five weeks when Brown tapped her for the Medical Assistance Commission slot.That body met only monthly, and the ,000 position was not considered a full-time job.But after provisional ballots were counted, she was declared the winner by approximately 50,000 votes,” reports Daily Caller.At one point, Cooley was up by 62,000 votes, and in panic mode, Harris reached out to her good buddy California Secretary of State Debra Bowen, whose role was to certify the votes.

She has a long line of corrupt deals, one with Maxine Waters, that helped her get power and stay in power.

#Kamala Harris is a disappointment & a grandstanding fraud.

She doesn't want answers, she wants to make a name for herself.

Kamala Harris was grandstanding again as she tried to bully Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Capitol Hill.

Sessions, with his smooth southern drawl, outsmarted and outclassed Harris, who came off as a screaming shrew, and it’s no wonder with her tawdry past.

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