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When a Kiwi refers to togs they mean swimming costume, swimmers or bathing costume.46. ” Instead of saying that is funny you could just use the iconic New Zealand slang words ‘crack up’.49. Crash here – “You can crash here if you have been drinking bro” This shouldn’t be taken literally. Stubbies – “Chuck your stubbies on, were heading to the beach for a day out! It’s another word for short shorts and they’re usually especially hard on the eye if men wear them.56. ” This is a classic New Zealand slang word used just like hello or good day.

All good – “I forgot to wear pants today” “That’s all good bro, I understand.” Basically means what it says. There’s no need to crash your car when someone demands you to. As long as you have those words sorted you can start talking like the locals!

This slang can be found just about anywhere, even in the likes of fancy restaurants and hotels. It can mean sweet, awesome, yeah, good, cool, cheers.6. ” Basically means the same thing and rarely referring to an actual brother or cousin.7.

Here’s a complete guide on New Zealand slang and how to use it! ” This classic New Zealand slang word is one that can be added onto just about every sentence you can think of.2. “Yeah nah, I’ll be right.” Kiwis say this when they are a little indecisive on what the heck they are trying to say.3. Bugger all.” This is used when you have nothing left.4. The wops – “He lives out in the wops” A place in the middle of nowhere or far from anything.8.

It found the care given to the woman over seven months was "unacceptable".

Maaaate – “I forgot to buy you a bag of chips” “Aw maaaaate” This has to be said which an extended middle of course but the normal word is just mate. Dag – “Linda is a dag” Dag in this sentence doesn’t mean a piece of old poo hanging from a sheep bum. It literally has nothing to do with Bowls being round, in true Kiwi style.

You would use this if you’re a little bit disappointed.26. In this case, it means that something or someone is funny.28. ” Hard case is another name for a person who is witty.29. Yarn – “Stop spinning a yarn” or “That was a good yarn” Yarn is another meaning for a story or talking bull.35. ” In other countries, you probably yell “drink” instead of skull when someone is downing a drink. So if you hear someone yelling that in a bar, don’t worry they haven’t just found a dead body.36. It means when someone is coming around to visit.43.

Nek minute – “I was at the dairy, nek minute” A true New Zealand icon is this guy. Packing a sad means you’re basically having a tantrum.23.

He created the famous video which has now had over 3 million views. Mare – “I’m having a mare today” This means you’re having a difficult time.22. Gumboots – Chuck on your gumboots and let’s go on the farm” Also known as wellingtons or rubber boots.

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