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Now used to describe the process of defining the in and out times of individual subtitles.Text which represents what is being said on the screen whether it is a visible, open subtitle or a closed teletext subtitle which can be added to the picture if viewers so wish, provided they have a teletext decoder in their television set.Oh, the panel also makes the television more sturdy and stable. Silent movies had a picture size of 18 x 24 mm, or proportions of 3:4 or 1:1.33 (like a normal TV screen).A system by means of which written information is superimposed on a television signal and broadcast.The signals, concealed in the blanking lines, activate a character generator in the television set, which creates the characters and mixes them into the television picture when a specified teletext page is selected.A script of a film or TV show containing subtitels of the actors lines in the original or a pivot language, to be used by subtitlers translating into other languages.The master list gives the essence of what is said as well as suggesting a proper length of the subtitle.

A big thank you to everyone involved with collaborations, artwork, music videos...Widescreen ratios, 15:9 or 16:9, are now being progressively introduced.(For some obscure reason, television ratios are always given in the form width x height instead of the standard height x width!A device that transforms digital signals into typographic characters. Soft cuts are less startling changes of scene or colour, a fade or a pan. An electronic apparatus that transforms digital signals into information that can be used, like letters or words. An apparatus attached to a TV set that permits viewing of encoded satellite or cable programmes or closed subtitles, often called black box.It can be located either in the television broadcasting system (e.g. A technique for signal transmission and recording where, in contrast to analogue technology, each value of a video and audio signal is transformed into binary information with only two levels, 1 and 0.

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A High Frequency modulator transforms video and audio signals to the high frequency band used for television transmission. in a TV set) transforms this HF signal into the frequencies used by the screen and the audio equipment.

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