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Yet it is not hard to imagine things turning out differently.

In the beginning there were competing electrical systems, and without standardization things might have remained this way.

The first goal of consumer education is simply to make consumers aware that pseudo-functional obsolescence actually exists.

Many of us know very little about how our products really work, and so it can be hard for the average consumer to tell the difference between true innovation and pseudo-functional obsolescence. Sometimes, identifying pseudo-functional obsolescence requires very specific knowledge of a product.

Dana Gunders is a Staff Scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

She leads NRDC’s work on reducing food waste and is the author of a widely distributed report “Wasted: How America is Losing Up to 40% of Its Food from Farm to Fork to Landfill”.

She also recently co-authored a report called The Dating Game, revealing how confusing food dates lead to food waste in America.

“Phrases like ‘sell by’, ‘use by’, and ‘best before’ are poorly regulated, misinterpreted and leading to a false confidence in food safety. The report found 91 percent of consumers occasionally throw food away based on the “sell by” date out of a mistaken concern for food safety even though none of the date labels actually indicates food is unsafe to eat.Hold on before dumping that gallon milk down the sink; just because it’s past the “sell-by” date doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be thrown out. The report called for changes in the way food manufacturers label their products. consumers may be wasting money and prematurely throwing away perfectly good food because they misinterpret food labels as indicators of food safety, a report by the Natural Resources Defense Council and Harvard Law School’s Food Law and Policy Clinic said.The real question is how the public fights the theory of planned obsolescence?Addison Del Mastro posts the following suggestions at the PERC Blog in Planned Obsolescence: The Good and the Bad: Consumer education Consumer education is a relatively easy way to resist pseudo-functional obsolescence.

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In addition to working on reducing the amount of wasted food, Dana works on market and policy oriented initiatives to promote sustainability throughout food systems and supply chains.

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