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But they learn very quickly how hostile clubs and bars can be.” “Then there’s getting used to a very different social scene,” says Paul. It’s a very new territory.” “Many people over the age of 35 don’t even have an email address,” adds Rena.

People need to embrace technology.” Dating agencies are not viewed wholly positively either.You need to give them lots of reassurance.” Children aren’t the only ones whose disapproval is feared.The person’s parents are often still alive and there may be conflict if they’re elderly, but Paul says people have to take ownership of their happiness.I might meet someone in a hotel in a big town down the country and of course no one knows why we’re meeting.But the client will be looking around furtively as if we’re doing a drug deal.” “It doesn’t need to be all or nothing, there are different ways we can establish relationships,” explains Paul.

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In fact, she receives two to three phone calls from people in this situation every week and she has even seen people in their 70s coming to her having recently left unhappy marriages.

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