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A very high number of interview participants expressed the view that negative impacts outweighing positive purposes with teenagers’ mobile phone usage.This further leads to recommendations from PACG on proper usage, future research, avenues and possibilities to implement solutions for problems.On the negative side, PACG express that teenagers are addicted and obsessed with texting, while some of the PACG feel that it distracts the teenagers from their study time and other important activities.Some PACG hold the service providers responsible for this because of texting plans.Are there any solutions, possibilities and avenues to address such problems? PACG is the acronym for parents/caregivers used in this document.OBJECTIVES: This study is centred around parents/caregivers’ (PACG) perceptions of their teenagers’ mobile phone usage: • To gain an overall understanding of teenagers’ mobile phone usage (positive purposes and negative impacts) • To understand the influence of texting on teenagers (such as text language on proper language, text messaging on communication skills) • To understand the effects on teenagers’ physical (such as driving, health) and psychological (such as bullying, un-monitored time usage, family time) safety issues.CONCLUSION: Parents/caregivers of this study express both positive and negative impact towards teenagers’ mobile phone usage.

They were broadly divided into seven ethnic groups.A further breakup of age groups indicated that all the 17-19 olds had mobile phones.In addition, not possessing mobile phone/s is higher in the age bracket 15-16 year olds when compared to 13-14 olds.115 PACG completed the questionnaires through survey and 07 participants from the survey sample were interviewed (one from each ethnic group).RESULTS: Teenagers possessing mobile phone/s were 96.5% (n=111).

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