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They are sites of horror that many in Germany have even never heard of: Samhorodok, Ljubar, Plyskiv.

In each of these places, more than 500 Jews were executed by the Wehrmacht, SS soldiers and the German police.

Like the country's new president, he is a political newcomer.

So how did he rise to the top of Ukrainian politics?

Ukraine's president said Moscow could show its readiness to end the Crimea conflict by releasing the sailors.

() Washington has told Moscow its decision to leave the INF is "final," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said while meeting Heiko Maas.

Several thousand people have been detained over the marches, including some journalists working for international news outlets. On Wednesday, Maas rejected the Kremlin claims, saying it was "not realistic — neither now nor in the future — to believe that Germany or German media want to exert influence on or even instigate internal political developments." mmc, dj/ng (dpa, AFP) The 24 Ukrainian sailors in Russian custody need to be immediately released, a UN maritime court has ruled.Russia backs fresh talks on eastern Ukraine conflict The peace effort, initially brokered by Germany and France in 2015, has gained new momentum thanks to Ukraine's newly elected President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Maas said in Moscow.Zelenskiy, who took office in May of this year, has been pushing for renewed talks with Russia and a new summit in Minsk, which would also be brokered by Germany and France.Germany's top diplomat Heiko Maas said the war in eastern Ukraine "must be stopped." while meeting his Russian colleague Sergey Lavrov in Moscow.The two diplomats clashed on the issue of media freedom.

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Before meeting Lavrov, Maas urged dialogue and called for Russia to provide "constructive cooperation" in eastern Ukraine.

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