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From February 13, 2004 to October 2004, Scantlin was the co-host of the Screening Room, a movie review segment which airs Fridays on WDAF-TV in Kansas City, Missouri.

I had three dates left to go (of 10 I’ve planned to go on to find a boyfriend by Christmas), so what harm was there in trying to include him? But when I arrived at Nectar, the publicist called to say that Adam was running late – as celebs always are. “They did call you to say I’d be late, didn’t they?“So I guess you’re a big hot-shot celebrity now,” I said. “My friends think I should make the most of the female attention,” he said.“You’ve got women falling at your feet.” He nodded his head, looking like Bambi caught in headlights. “But what am I going to do – call back the woman who sent in the prettiest picture?Then the bar manager told me that literally hundreds of women had called for him since the finale aired on Monday – and the bar was even throwing a party so that Adam could meet them all. Even if this guy had seemed unassuming on TV, his new-found fame had clearly gone to his head. ” he asked, worried, although he’d only kept me waiting a couple of minutes.I looked him up and down, hoping that in the flesh he’d be disappointing and kinda toothy.

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The only reason that I’m popular was because I was the regular guy on the show who had no attitude.

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