Mcafee clients not updating

I've inhereted a Mc Afee EPO system at my new position and need help !I don't have any experience with e Policy Orchestrator and I need to push out an antivirus and antispyware update to all the workstations quickly prior to an audit.I have tried to tag these systems with Uninstall/Reinstalls to fix the issue, and it worked on two machines, but there is still at least 20 machines that are not registering properly!I've tried this several different times over the course of a week now, giving plenty of time (at least 24 hours) between the uninstall and reinstall but the issue still remains in e PO.which does a better job of ripping all of the pieces out than does the weird uninstall binary for EPM.

I don't know why this occurs the way it does..just does.Visit Stack Exchange I have recently been given Administrative rights to help maintain e PO on my companies network.From the group of machines that I am in charge of keeping up-to-date, a small amount of these machines do not have the proper Mc Afee Product information displayed in e PO.You should be able to update from the master repository (e PO server) just fine.Make sure that the repository is updated by running the pull task.

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