Male body language and dating

Paying attention to body language is an integral part of developing relationships with others.

Anxiety can be a severe mental health issue to understand if you have not experienced it yourself.

Asking what a person needs, rather than assuming, is crucial in this situation.

You can take a break from the conversation or leave the area and take a walk to give them a chance to simmer down.Picking up on a person's body language can help you to understand their symptoms.For example, if you are in a crowded area and you notice that your friend is tense, shaking, or that they appear to be agitated, that body language indicates that they are getting anxious. One thing that can be helpful is to turn to your friend and say “How are you feeling right now?If someone is on the Autism spectrum, however, they might have difficulty making eye contact. It merely says that eye contact is a challenge for them.The same can also be true for those who live with ADHD.

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