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Mad Scientist is a very strong choice for any secret- or Deathrattle-oriented deck.

2 copies are commonly used even with as few as 3 secrets in the deck, especially for decks focusing upon the early to mid game.

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Authors Singer and Brookings note that humans by nature are social creatures that tend to gravitate into like-minded groups.However, be aware that a Mad Scientist that does not put a secret into play may provide the opponent with information regarding your remaining deck (see below).The behaviour of this minion's Deathrattle means that should it fail to put a Secret into play, the controlling player therefore has either already drawn all of their remaining Secrets, or has only copies of existing Secrets left in their deck: For example, if a player in Ranked play with 0 active secrets fails to gain a Secret from the Mad Scientist's Deathrattle, they have no Secrets left in their deck.Browse our website for more information on your specific application.If you don't see what you are looking for here, give us a call and we'll be happy to provide the information you need.

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