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Before signing on to manage Elvis, the Colonel was a small-time crook and was infamous for painting sparrows yellow and selling them as canaries.

The Colonel and The King shared a love-hate relationship due to the Colonel’s overbearing style of management that Elvis felt at times restricted his creativity and freedom.

At the time of his death Elvis had nearly 40 guns in his possession including a sub-machine gun.

Suffering from a troubled childhood beginning from the day of his birth when he lost his twin, Elvis grew up being smothered with affection and over protected by his mother.

Elvis was awarded a medal for marksmanship and another for sharpshooting during his service in the United States Military and also had a Smith & Wesson signature revolver designed in his honor.

He had a strange way with women The legend is that Elvis could make any girl fall into bed with him by just looking into her eyes.

He would also go onto use the guitar for his very first recordings with Sun Records that would open the floodgates to his fame.

But, his obsession with guns would continue through later life.

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Like Elvis himself was fond of saying – “Don’t criticize what you don’t understand, son.

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