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So it’s hard to make a relative comparison between big and small “ponds” with regard to your own size as the “fish.”The size of the fish sort of depends on the nature of the pond.

(This is where the analogy breaks down, because that’s not how it works in nature at all. But a human can be anything at all; whether that’s inspirational or terrifying also depends on the situation, and it’s usually a little bit of both.) So you can trust that whatever happens, you will find a niche for your fish.

Athletics, extracurriculars, academics, and social organizations are all ways that you can pursue leadership or engagement, and these opportunities will be different at every school – just like you’ll be different at every school. And the main point of the big fish/small fish, big pond/small pond debate isn’t to affix a quantitative value to your relationship with your home for the next four years.

The point of the metaphor is to make you think about what kind of fish you are, what kind of fish you’re comfortable being, and what kind of fish you’d like to be.

Take this into account when thinking about what size and shape you want your future to be; look for a college you think will help mold you into the ideal fish.The film's theme of reconciliation between a dying father and his son had special significance for Burton, as his father had died in 2000 and his mother in 2002, a month before he signed on to direct.Big Fish was shot on location in Alabama in a series of fairy tale vignettes evoking the tone of a Southern Gothic fantasy.(Although it’s always good to practice mindfulness and check in on yourself once in a while when it comes to this kind of stuff.) Once you feel like you’ve established a baseline from which to work toward a decision, make sure that you add a little space for growth – you’re probably going to surprise yourself over the next four years.Draw your comfort zone a little bigger when looking at colleges, because college is like a serum that naturally works to expand it anyway.

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