Liberal women dating conservative man

They believe the man is the head of the household (even when he abandons or beats them), that women that work are taking a job away from a man and that women have “enough” equality in the world.

Of course, they also don’t support a woman’s right to choose and in some cases don’t believe in birth control at all.

As we look on in horror we are seeing Republicans cross every legal and moral barrier that no other administration has ever dared to tread.

From illegal business dealings to outright betrayal of high level security secrets to enemies, conservatives are simply ignoring all of it.

My words are not from the privileged standpoint but from one that has achieved through personal endeavor.

When I come across a conservative woman, there are usually a few telltale comments that are heard: First they are extremely religious, often evangelical.

It seems that the divide in political beliefs between liberals and conservatives has become so great that in DC, where politics rules, conservatives are experiencing major problems in getting dates.

The Washington Post addresses this in their article: No, liberal women who refuse to date conservatives are not to blame for Trump.But not all are that easy to distinguish, especially if they create bios that they know will attract a larger group.Today’s political differences go beyond just a few topics.The last thing that you want is to go out to dinner or a movie and have the person that you are with cause embarrassment.Years ago I had that happen when the guy on our date snapped his fingers at the waitress, called a maître d’ of color “boy” and got angry at me as I wanted to pay for part of our meal and leave a good tip.

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