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I used to think hobbying was biding your time between marriages. I fear my next wife, if there is one, may be a "former" working girl. Sex, money, touch, stimulation, gratification, acceptance, freedom, what you will, a good life.But I think what Tman said in the Natal thread is right on; once a girl accepts cash for sex, her thinking is forever changed (for the worse). The question then is, is it really so different from the way civilian women think, and a reason to never entertain anything serious with a program girl?

Is that a natural extention of the desire for more than sex and money? But a steady diet of the frustrations of only civilian dating, is well in the past for most of us.

Because during negotiation, a lady still has the ultimate control of saying yes or no and may justify her rate reduction based on desperation-level and the client's personality at that time - like a spur of the moment thing.

I am not sure if I read her thought process accurately because this is not how she explained things.

She initially was hesitant in replying but when I persisted, she finally opened up and told me her thought process that was just an eye-opener for me.

She said that a lady going into this business typically makes a self- assessment of what she is worth.

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  1. And whores of Ukraine is always ready to offer men slightly more than casual sex, so the client will be able to remember this night for a long time.