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"Then completely without warning a barbecue at the back of the bar on the outside section of the bar appears to have erupted in flames and within seconds the entire pop-up bar was in flames sending hundreds of young Kiwis running out trying to get away."All these Kiwis, and mostly young Kiwis who were watching the Olympics are standing about 40 to 50 metres away from the scene watching in disbelief." Luke James, who was also at the bar, added: "There were flames and a bang and people were screaming and running and literally it was like a bomb going off." Brook Johnstone, 55, from Port Waikato, said the canister exploded with such force that it blew the roof off the barbecue area ''I looked around and the gas bottle had a little flame around it," said Mr Johnstone, who is on holiday in London ''The cook was trying to put it out and the flame just got bigger so I just said 'Let's get out of here'."Then everyone was pushed inside but then people were telling us to get out of the building.They got everyone out of the building as fast as they could."At that point we heard a big explosion and we just ran. I am happy to see no-one was tragically hurt." Andrew Potter, a NZ television journalist who was standing near the bar when the barbecue exploded, said the intense flames reached two storeys high at its height, causing the "pop-up bar" had burned to the ground.All the bamboo around it had caught alight and there were other canisters there as well. "There were hundreds of Kiwis in there watching New Zealand's hockey game and waiting for other Olympic sports to watch on the big screen," he told local media.

“Everyone was evacuated very quickly, in quite an orderly fashion.

– She is one of a very select few New Zealanders to have modeled for Victoria’s Secret.

Other Kiwis who have appeared for the lingerie brand include Stella Maxwell and Jessica Clarke.

"Crews have now brought the blaze under control and are cooling a further two gas cylinders down to make them safe.

"Around 300 people were evacuated from nearby buildings and as a precaution we've set up a temporary safety cordon of around 50 metres.

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