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It is inevitable that everyone is going to have to incorporate conversations inside of Messenger, and into social media platforms, in order to sell things more effectively.” — Phil Libin, Founder of All Turtles and Evernote The massive distribution of this technology, and the emergence of conversational commerce, gives businesses the ability to communicate with each of their customers in a private, personalized, and two-way environment“Our chatbots are already performing better than email, when comparing organic growth, read rates, and click-throughs.

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These are the questions I’m going to answer for you right now. Let’s do this.“It seems pretty obvious now that the first inclination of most people when they want to talk to a friend or a family member is to text them. The first businesses that are able to fully embrace this and be as responsive and communicative as a friend will be able to drive significant new relationships with their customers and ultimately increased business. The technology is coming along fast.” — Josh Elman, VP Product at Robinhood and Venture Partner at Greylock First off, people have been using conversation to drive sales and make customers happy since humans first began trading.

Here’s an example to help you visualize what conversational commerce is.

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