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Her weight is 53 kg (117 lb) and she is 175 cm (5’9”) high. She has had a long dating career and has been involved with a lot of people from the industry. Her sexual orientation remains straight and she is solely interested into boys.Keri Hilson possesses an American nationality and belongs to the African American ethnic group.Her background is relatively unknown so we are not sure if she has other connections based on her ancestry.Marko Kovač or Mark is an experienced author and has been a journalist for a very long time.But it did include the single “Pretty Girl Rock,” which later became platinum.Keri Hilson has also tried her luck in the movie industry.Keri Hilson’s dating history is a little bit hazy to say.She has had various boyfriends and always managed to keep things under radar.

Her debuting role was in “Think Like a Man,” a romantic comedy movie.

Keri Hilson does not have to think much about money or her future.

Being a successful recording artist and a singer herself with more than enough on her plate has also earned her a substantial amount of money.

She is currently worth 25 million dollars and her net worth will only rise.

She already has various plans for the future and it just seems that she is going to embark on a much larger success.

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Before embarking on a solo career, Keri was a background vocalist for many famous singers and R&B artists.

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