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John Ross loved her candid, hilarious response and so their friendship blossomed.After RLC, Shelby was transferred into a Natural Resources class taught by one of South Johnston’s agriculture teachers, Mr. On her first day in class, she quickly realized that she was one of the only underclassmen, a sophomore, surrounded by seniors.With his ideas in mind, he began to have secret meetings with her friends.A secret dinner meeting with Ellen, one of Shelby’s friends, took John Ross all the way to the jewelry store where he bought her ring!When John Ross was hired as an agriculture teacher and Shelby began her graduate school career, Shelby was confident the ring would come soon. Somewhere along the way (after visiting Wilmington with her State Officer team), Shelby began watching One Tree Hill.The show followed a group of friends navigating life (with a little basketball thrown in) and was extremely popular, especially amongst NC natives, because it was filmed in Wilmington!

Earlier in the afternoon, an important school project she was working on was ruined.

It became the running joke that she copied his forestry stuff and he copied everything else. Weaver asked them to help with planting a display garden at the North Carolina State Fair.

While the whole thing seemed like a bit of a set up on Mr. When they finished the garden, John Ross decided that it was the time to make a move.

Knowing they needed to lure her to Wilmington and limit her suspicion, Ellen and another friend, Lindsey, invited Shelby to town for a girl’s weekend!

With that box easily checked (Shelby never turns down an opportunity to go to the beach), they needed to make sure she looked perfect for her big day!

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John Ross swears he still remembers what she was wearing.

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