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A journalist at heart, the bestselling American author Erik Larson has sold a number of books throughout the years, most of them being non-fiction.Focusing on his investigative nature, he works to report the facts as he sees them, getting behind the surface veneer, as he digs down exposing everything and laying all the details bare for the reader.Personal information is something everyone holds dear to them and, with this in mind, is it something that should be sold off as an asset to the highest bidder? In The Garden Of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin Originally published in 2011, this is one of Larson’s more recent releases into the historical non-fiction genre, something to which he has become fairly adept at over the years.

Now living at his home in New York City, as well as his home in Seattle, he spends his time with his wife and three daughters, along with continuing to write.Focusing primarily on the years between 1933 to 1937, it also charts the life of his daughter Martha who’s also living there and how she’s dealing with it all. Just what exactly will happen in the garden of beasts?Despite their initial reluctance to face up to what’s going on and her time getting involved in the heady Berlin social scene following her divorce, they soon must realize the true nature of what is happening. If you are a fan of standalone thrillers or whodunnit mysteries, then this new book by Shari Lapena is for you!These are questions with have seen a major rise to prominence in recent times and it’s interesting to see them being posed so early on using real-life case studies and corporations in the public sector. There is also talks of producing a film adaptation of the novel possibly starring Tom Hanks and Natalie Portman, with Michel Hazanavicius directing it.In the hope that the Nazi party will become more moderate despite their sudden rise in popularity, the American ambassador William Dodd attempts to come to terms with the truth and the full extent of their evils.

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