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Dasan is furious and yells that she has no right to take her life, not when he loves her so much that it would literally kill him if she’s gone. They head back to shore and the next morning, have a quick marriage ceremony.Chun Ho shows up while they celebrate with friends and tosses 2 suitcases at her feet.She is shocked and happy but scolds him for making her wait so long. Their romance blossoms in a loving and playful montage of long beach and surf walks, fishing, and cooking together (she can make ramyun… For her first kiss he teases her – the bigger the catch, the bigger the kiss. They argue because he wants to come clean and meet her father and brother – but she refuses.She only catches a tiny fish but his kiss is big as the ocean. He is hurt and believes that she is ashamed of him.

~ kfangurl Choi Li Na (Jeon Ji Hyun), 22, is the daughter of a rich family in the entertainment business that owns the new K-Now Television Studio. Choi Chun Ho (Jung In Ki) is the heir to K-Now and carries a grudge against his sister Li Na. Chun Ho is jealous that Li Na does whatever she wants while he is under all the pressure.

It's a really old, really unflattering photo of Wilbur Pan.

This story bubbled like Korean stew in my brain after seeing the recent press on 2 handsome Lee Min Ho lookalikes. I was set on creating a Fusion for my second Dream Drama, and chose the pretty and popular Taiwanese actress/singer Rainie Yang.

But she doesn’t want him to be insulted by her family. Dasan and Li Na reconcile a month later; they were miserable apart.

He still wants to prove to Chun Su that he’s a worthy man for Li Na.

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A young, handsome fisherman (Jang Dong Gun) is hauling a net, but his gaze is squarely on Li Na. Li Na trips when the boat is rocked by a sudden wave. In a harrowing rescue, the handsome fisherman dives in to save her. When she rouses, she hugs him tight with relief and he is smitten.

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