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The character comes to Pine Valley in early 2002 after the death of her twin.

She soon strikes up a friendship with her sister's girlfriend, Bianca Montgomery, while investigating her sister's demise.

Although stern in their insistence, it did not stop viewers from speculating the character's sexuality.

Subsequently, the media began to speculate on the matter as well.

Her death attracted criticism when viewers reasoned that the show was afraid to portray a homosexual romance, When creator of the character, Richard Culliton, stated that she was always intended to die, it did not help ease the discontent viewers expressed about her demise.

As a result, Maggie Stone, the character's identical twin sister, was created in order to bring Hendrickson back to the series.

Mary Margaret "Maggie" Stone is a fictional character from the American daytime drama All My Children.

Magazine Soaps in Depth asked the question of Van Cagle, a Director Of Research for GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation).

"Oh, my gosh, I was so afraid about that," she said.

"I was trying to go for something completely different, but the problem was that the writers left it so ambiguous; the character was such a blank slate.

"There is scant research on this [subject]," said Cagle.

He cited a 1991 study by Northwestern University professor Michael Bailey that found among female identical twins, one gay twin raised the likelihood of the other being gay to 48 percent, compared to fraternal twins, whose likelihood was only 12 percent.

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The series portrayed Bianca as having fallen deeply in love with Maggie; Maggie's romantic interest in Bianca initially plays more as romantic curiosity before the character finally declares that she is only "into guys" and cannot be the woman for Bianca.

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