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A wise sage once told us to "go where the puck is going to be" and, my friends, that puck, for the moment, is here in online Podcasting.In an effort to expand the Bus Stop into another form of media we (now there IS a we) here at Mewes present the first episode of Pod Stop: The Unused Mewes News.And the only thing I do recognize right now, is a political fiasco here, that I'm about to avoid by letting this butt-fucking Brady Bunch go. And might I add, that's a fine looking boy you're raising.

Past guests include Jim Ross, Dutch Mantell, Rikishi and Mark Henry.

When I would listen to Kevin Smith (aka Silent Bob or the director of Cop Out- insert bad joke), I was inspired by his message.

To help his hetero-life-mate Jason Mewes, kick his addiction Kevin started the podcast “Jay & Silent Bob Get Old”.

On the pop culture side of things, they have chatted with Bob Saget, Jason Mewes and Margaret Cho, so you never know who is going to drop by!

Recorded in the heart of Nashville at the i Heart Radio studios on ...

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