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With these caveats, I submit that it is pretty well badass to live by your own code. Often we tell ourselves that facing our hardest truths will compromise our identities, that there are certain truths that just must stay hidden. One very simple definition is between what you say you will do, and what you do. Because there is a difference between having trust-worthy intentions, and being trust worthy. People whose intentions are chaotic do not contribute to an environment of clarity.

I feel clearly that each of us in our own way wants to protect that, nourish it.

As a student at MHS, Mason participated in soccer and theater, while creating a strong bond with his houseparents, Phil and Cathy Bertrand.

Mason credits the Bertrands for helping him become the person he is today.

For these reasons, and because a strong spirit is a beautiful thing, I have an eye open for the alchemized.

Fourth, we all come to value relationships around the practice.

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Even when we have difficulty matching intentions and actions elsewhere in daily life (I have wrestled with this powerfully at times), we take care not to debase the student-teacher relationship.

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