Is tyler posey and crystal reed dating

MTV’s new drama Teen Wolf is doing far better than anyone expected, according to the ratings it’s actually the number one show in its time slot.

Yeah, it’s raking in millions of viewers each week, which is pretty impressive for a brand new show.

And once you realize that, then jealousy isn't a factor.

I think that girls are going to be like, "Oh, you rock! At first, she's really quiet and she doesn't like to talk a lot, but in the end, she finds her voice, which I think is great. CR: It feels like summer camp because we are with each other 12 to 16 hours a day, and then we go home, and then on the weekends we all hang out some more. Well, I hope that's how it is on every set—or that Teen Wolf goes on forever!

That’s when all the drama unfolds.” And that’s not all the drama coming Allison’s way, apparently there’s a bit of a love triangle happening as well.

“Allison becomes really close with Lydia and then Lydia betrays her, too.

It’s spelled with K’s instead of C’s because of copyright issues, and it looks cooler! I don’t really listen to techno music, but one of my friends downloaded it. On Teen Wolf, I play a werewolf, and I have prosthetics and contacts and hair glued onto my face and nails.

I don’t really sing that well, but I write all the songs. I was in my hotel room like two nights ago, and somebody was listening to my i Pod and playing techno music.

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